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Accelerity Infoventures, Inc. is a startup based in Boston with an R&D Center in Gurgaon, India.

^aceiot is an IoT analytics service from Accelerity Infoventures.


Enabling ROI from digital and IoT investments

Digital strategy advisory services: Configurable, real-time cloud-based analytics service, blending real-time data from IoT devices with data from enterprise repositories Customizable workflow integration

Make medicines safe to use

Improve maintenance & efficiency of city infrastructure

Optimize natural resources & save costs

Improve driver behavior & predictability

Increase loyalty and ridership

Monitor real-time condition of cargo Prevent & predict shipment delays


Rapid piloting and scaling across the enterprise.

Step 1: Explore

Identify journeys for user communities and their analytics needs

Step 2: Configure

Map data streams to the aceiot platform

Step 3: Pilot

Begin aceiot analytics service for data subset

Step 4: Scale

Launch aceiot analytics service across the enterprise devices, sensors and data stroes


Highly flexible, configurable, self-serve analytics

Elastic subscription model, pay-as-you-go pricing

On-demand elastic subscription model for web and mobile

Quick implementation

Quick to implement, highly configurable

Ease of Use

Ease of use, customer experience-driven approach to analytics, leads to greater business value and adoption

Ability to integrate all kinds of data

Ability to intake all types of data & integrate across heterogeneous data sources

Modular components

Extensible open-source architecture, can augment existing IoT infrastructure

Scalable, open-source based architecture

Scalable cloud based architecture build on top of open source technologies

API driven and extensible with existing enterprise technologies & workflows

Inherently scalable, cloud-first approach, also available on-premise

Web and mobile dashboards

Extensible open-source architecture, can augment existing IoT infrastructure

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